Discipline is probably the most important trait associated with achievement. Recently we asked our Creative Director what he thinks contributes to his success in his role. His answer was having a routine that reinforces the right behaviours, and sticking to that routine even when it’s hard. During this time, we felt that sharing some of his daily habits with you, might help you develop your own list of daily habits to help you drive successful behaviours in your own life.

  • BE ACTIVE – whether it is going for a walk, practicing yoga or going to the gym, staying active can improve your mental health, as well as your physical well being. It can help clear your mind, focus and be more innovative and creative.
  • PLAN YOUR DAY – our Creative Director uses lists and his calendar for everything. He schedules time for travel, for email, to think – his philosophy is if it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t happen.
  • MEDITATE – after your morning coffee, spend 10 minutes clearing your mind. Think about what you have to do for the day, what you need to accomplish and visualize how you are going to do it.
  • READ – reading helps you expand your knowledge, but also helps you escape from the digital distractions of your day-to-day world. Whether it is for pleasure, or to learn new skills or expand your knowledge base on a particular topic, reading is never not a good idea.
  • REMOVE DISTRACTIONS – when it is time to get down to work, you need as few distractions as possible. Cleanse your space, remove any unnecessary distractions like clutter, music, noise, etc. With fewer distractions you will be more focused and more productive.
  • TIME TO THINK – one of the best things you can do for yourself, is give yourself time to think. Given the busy lives we all lead, making time to think and reflect can help you stay ahead of challenges and take advantage of opportunities.
  • USE TRAVEL TIME WISELY – whether it is your morning commute, catching a train, or waiting at the airport, making the most of your travel time can save you time later on. Our Creative Director travels regularly, and to ensure he stays on top of everything, he makes the most of his time on planes, in cars, and in transit.
  • MANAGE YOUR INBOX – as a general rule, our Creative Director never leaves emails unread, and tries to only touch them once. Respond, delete or file or else you can end up with an overwhelming number of messages in your inbox.
  • STAY IN TOUCH – as professionals we spend a lot of time building relationships, but it is important to stay in touch with those contacts, and ensure you maintain the relationship. Pick up the phone, meet them for a coffee or lunch, but make time for people in your network.
  • UNPLUG – making time each day away from your devices is important in finding a balance between work and home. Each day at a certain time, power down your device and use that time to read, relax or just enjoy being unplugged.