We have evolved and grown into an agency that has worked with some impressive clients.

When I decided that I wanted to start the agency, the very first team gathered around my dining room table and we started to brainstorm ideas. We were looking for a name that reflected who we were as a group, but that was also meaningful to us on a creative level, a name that for us reflected our values of challenging the status quo, and not doing things the way others think they should be done. There were a lot of really good ideas; McQueen is an homage to the now late fashion designer who embodied all of those values and characteristics. It didn’t take long before everyone around the table liked the simplicity of the name, the reasons behind it, and could start to see the brand take shape the more we talked about it.

11 years later the agency is in a very different place. It is no longer a side hustle, or a group of contractors trying to pay their bills, we have evolved and grown into an agency that has worked with some impressive clients, who has an incredibly tight knit team, and who still believes in those same founding values and characteristics.

The answer to the ‘Why McQueen?’ question for me is a simple one. It has been and always will be about people. It is about finding solutions for our clients, working together as a team, creating new ideas and campaigns, and ultimately seeing our clients succeed. It can be a sometimes thankless, sometimes lonely job, but in those moments when we see a client achieve their goal, or a team member step up and grow personally, those are big moments, and for me the moments that make it all worthwhile.