When it comes to predicting marketing trends there is no exact science.

Being able to determine which methods will resonate with consumers in a landscape that is constantly changing is more than a challenge. In fact, just as we think we start to understand a particular audience, a new technology, a new platform or a new behaviour changes the game.

So then why bother dedicating a post to trends for the year ahead? Two reasons, one it is our job to analyze trends and in predicting trends, try and stay ahead of the curve, and second, there is real and practical value in looking on what has worked in the past, as a predictor of what might be effective again. Much like the old addage, ‘everything old is new again’ – such is the case with marketing trends. So here are the top 5 marketing trends worth keeping an eye on in 2019.

#5 Content is Everything
If you haven’t figured out how to connect with your audience yet, content is the way. It is how you will inspire them, excite them, appeal to their emotions, and ultimately engage them. It is no longer simply enough to put content in front of people and hope they respond, but rather you need to give them a reason to engage with your content, to talk about it, to share it. No matter what your business or industry, if you are not able to create engaging content, you are going to miss an huge opportunity to connect with your audience, which could mean the difference between staying in business, and growing your business.

#4 Security is Essential
From privacy and data leaks, to financial information hacks, security continues to be an issue top of mind for both consumers and businesses. The kind of PR your company wants on this topic is no coverage at all. Security is something most of us take for granted, but it is worth ensuring that your digital assets, including your website are secured, as well as any other online forms, or databases that might put you or your clients at risk. Having to respond to a data breach, means you aren’t able to focus on growing your business.

#3 Video
If you are still struggling to get on board with video marketing, you are behind. For 2019, we are looking at entire strategies around video content. Video content has evolved past just having a YouTube channel, it permeates nearly every social platform from Facebook to Instagram. Short, concise pieces that can deliver an impact are one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and engage them. Video doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be, but it depends on your strategy and your approach. If you don’t currently have a video marketing strategy, we can help you with that.

#2 Gen Z
Generation Z is defined as the group of people born from the mid-1990’s and as of last year they made up approximately 25% of the US population, which means this group is one to watch. They grew up with technology in their hands from the time they were children, they are social media savvy, and they are starting to enter the workforce, and have discretionary income, which makes them a desirable demographic for any business. Two key things to remember about this generation is they seek authenticity, and are inspired by socially responsible businesses.

#1 Who is an Influencer Anyway?
Influencer marketing has become a classic social media strategy, but identifying influencers is becoming more and more challenging. Previously companies relied on celebrities, but as consumers continue to look to their peers, we have seen the rise of the micro-influencer. These micro-influencers are “real people” who have a following within a desirable demographic for a business. Being able to take advantage of this strategy means becoming increasingly engaged with the audiences you are looking to reach.