Thinking Outside The Box

3 Intriguing Marketing Strategies

There is no question that 2020 has pushed marketing in new directions. Without being able to reach people physically, companies need to find new and innovative ways to reach their target consumer. As much as we wish the world could go back to normal, this trend is going to continue into the new year. So, how will you take advantage of it? Here are 3 innovative strategies that have worked in the past, and can be shaped to fit the future.


El Bulli, Ferran Adrià’s small Catalan restaurant, was famous for 30-course meals and impossible reservations. Once hailed ‘the best restaurant in the world’, it set itself apart from its competitors in a distinctly unique way. El Bulli was only open for half the year. From June 15th – December 20th, El Bulli accommodated diners, and then shutdown for 6 months to innovate new dishes. This allowed them to keep their offerings unique. Although it seems counterintuitive to shutdown for 6 months, the lack of supply resulted in an increase in demand for reservations when the restaurant was open. The fear of not getting a reservation boosted demand, and resulted in the product becoming intrinsically more valuable to the consumer. During the off-season, Adrià took advantage of his freetime and designed elaborate new menus to give consumers a fresh experience. There’s certainly several lessons we can take from this. First, supply and demand holds true; so how will you use it? And second, if you don’t make time for the creative process, how do you expect to maintain originality?



Shock catches us by surprise, and we tend to remember it. Shock advertising uses this emotion to startle the consumer. By challenging the status quo, this strategy cuts through the barrage of daily advertisements a consumer views. Ultimately that’s what we are seeking – attention. The marketer who holds it the longest wins. Yet, if we use strategy consistently then the ‘shock value’ no longer stands. Avoid overuse. Most of us try to avoid controversy, perhaps we should take advantage of it once in a while.

Looking for an example? Check this one from Gillette: ‘We Believe’



Since the dawn of humankind, we’ve been telling stories. Along the way, our brains have evolved to enjoy them. It’s how we express our pasts, connect with others, and when told right they can trigger an emotional response. As marketers, we can leverage this but we must understand the components of a good story. So what is involved in the delicate art of storytelling? Boiled down to the fundamentals, it must have a degree of authenticity, credibility, and connect with the listener. The rest is up to your creativity. If you want an example, we love this ad Land Rover put out: ‘Journey to Maneybhanjang

Image Credit: El Bulli